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What is the Urban Sketchers Manifesto?

Urban Sketching is a simple idea that only exists because those of us who do it, agree to do it together.

In 2007 we drafted the USk Manifesto, which aims to define our artistic practice.

We hope these 8 points provide a unifying vision for the global urban sketching community. It’s not meant to be a binding set of rules. We encourage diversity in subject matter, style and technique.

This is the manifesto we follow:

  1. We draw on location, indoors or out, capturing what we see from direct observation.
  2. Our drawings tell the story of our surroundings, the places we live and where we travel.
  3. Our drawings are a record of time and place.
  4. We are truthful to the scenes we witness.
  5. We use any kind of media and cherish our individual styles.
  6. We support each other and draw together.
  7. We share our drawings online.
  8. We show the world, one drawing at a time.

En Français:

  1. Nous dessinons in situ, en intérieur ou en extérieur et croquons sur le vif.
  2. Nos dessins sont les témoins de notre quotidien et de nos voyages.
  3. Nos dessins représentent des archives de lieux et d’instants.
  4. Nous sommes fidèles aux scènes que nous voyons.
  5. Nous utilisons tous types de techniques et apprécions la diversité de nos styles.
  6. Nous nous soutenons, aidons, et encourageons les uns les autres et dessinons en groupe.
  7. Nous partageons nos dessins en ligne.
  8. Nous montrons le monde dessin par dessin.

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What is going on on this page?

We are the Montreal chapter of We draw and paint on-location in the streets of Montreal, QC. If you’d like to join us on a sketching outing, there are regular free-of-charge Sunday sketching events every Fourth Sunday. (Sunday Drawing Schedule)


A note on copyright and use of images:

All images posted on this blog are copyright by the artist’s who’ve posted them. (All rights reserved).

You many not reproduce or re-broadcast any artwork or writing without permission from the artist/author themselves. You can contact us through the comments below each post.

Feel free however to link to anything here in you personal, non-commercial (freely available) social media – so long as you give full credit to the artist. Thanks!


What is Urban is a website where you can find free articles featuring the drawings and paintings of 100 hand picked correspondents from around the globe – as well as artwork and stories chosen from the wider world by a team of volunteer editors.

Urban Sketchers is also a 501c3 nonprofit organization, incorporated in the state of Washington, USA, representing a grassroots global community of sketchers.

The mission of the nonprofit is: To raise the artistic, storytelling and educational value of location drawing; promote its practice and connect people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel. We aim to show the world, one drawing at a time.


How can I get more involved with Urban Sketching in Montreal?

Come out sketching with us! This is the easiest. It’s free, and open to all skill levels. Check out the section about our regular 4th  Sunday Sketching events. Also, subscribe to this blog, and you’ll get updates about any other informal events that might pop up.

The Facebook Group: Join our social network, yet another way to share photos, make friends, and maybe start organizing your own sketching events.

The Flickr Group: It’s free to sign up and post your sketches in our Flickr group. This is a great way to get to know other sketchers, and start favoriting, commenting and making galleries of artwork. You don’t have to scan and photoshop your work – just a snapshot of your sketchbook is cool with us.


Urban Sketchers workshops world wide:

In addition to our always freely available art-blogging, the Urban Sketchers nonprofit develops educational programs to foster the art of on-location drawing. Information on Urban Sketchers Workshops is available [here].


Becoming a correspondent for USK:MTL or

This is a little bit of a longer term project. Everyone who contributes to a USK site is a world-ambassador of drawing. We like to have fun with it, but we also take it seriously.

Becoming a correspondent on an official USk blog is by invitation only, and there is no formal request process at this time.

Correspondents come from diverse backgrounds — painting, architecture, journalism, advertising, illustration, graphic design or teaching. They are invited based on the quality of their work, style, originality, and overall skill as visual storytellers.

Correspondents not only post drawings to the blog but also a written narrative – how and where the sketch was done, and what’s the story behind it.

Here on USK:MTL, we are always looking for new people who have an active interest in documenting our city. Just like the international blog, we’re looking for passionate sketchers with a fresh point of view, and a long term commitment to writing, drawing, and freely sharing online.

So, the first step in becoming a correspondent is to be doing all the easy things above. Come to events, post in the Flickr and/or Facebook, keep in touch with us, tell us about your projects, share your art with everyone.

If you have been doing all these things for a few months and are having fun with it, and you think you’d like to take it further – well, by now we probably already know you! You can always reach us through this blog or our social networks.



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