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Sunday Sketching: April 26 Dim Sum Lunch

March 23, 2015


Lets meet again for Dim Sum Lunch in at Restaurant Kam Fung in Chinatown. If it’s not great outside we can eat and sketch food and portraits, or if it’s nice, we can  sketch street life and bounce around shops on De la Gauchetière.

We usually split the check evenly, and ends up not too expensive. If you want to opt out of the meal just let us know on the day. You can come well fed and draw everyone else with their mouth full. Vegans and people with Gluen/food allergies – Dimsum is probably not great for you. We can try for non-sauced veggies? Perhaps come equipped with some reserach on alternate Chinese food?

  • Meetup 10am, Resto Kam Fung
  • There are no reservations, we will arrive on time and try for a big table. In past years we have had to take two tables.
  • 1111 Rue Saint-Urbain M05, Montréal, QC H2Z 1Y6
  • After Party: 3pm: Corner of  St. Urban and De la Gauchetière, and we can find the most nearby tea shop/bakery that can seat us.



: Restaurant Kam Fung :

April 26, 2015

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people
are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home;
that wildness is a necessity;
and that mountain parks and reservations
are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigation rivers,
but as fountains of life.
— John Muir

Today was a very good day as it started early and had many exciting experiences. First, about 12 Urban Sketchers of Montreal met at la Maison Kam Fung in the Chinese sector of Montreal to have a Chinese Brunch and sketch together. The food was very good and the fellowship with other sketchers was very enjoyable. Then I had to leave as I had a ticket to see the Vincent Van Gogh “A New Way of Seeing”  film at the Kirkland Cineplex. It brought tears to my eyes… his life story is unique and sad too and the quality of the filming, in high definition, is something to see. The next film will be on May 28th on the Impressionists.

Aujourd’hui a été une journée assez productive et intéressante où je me suis joint à environ 12 autres Urban Sketchers de Montréal pour dessiner en brunchant à la Maison Kam Fung dans le quartier chinois de Montréal. La bouffe film sur Van Gogh intitulé “A New Way of Seeing” au Cinéplex de Kirkland. Sa vie a été tellement triste que j’ai été remplie d’émotions! Le prochain film est le 28 mai sur les Impressionistes

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Pen: Pilot Prera Fine
Colours: Raw Sienna, New Gambodge, Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramrine
Location: Restaurant Kam Fung, Montréal, Québec, Canada


Draw Me a Mountain Opens May 2

April 25, 2015

affichette dessine moi-ang

It’s almost time for the opening of Draw Me A Mountain! We have received a tremendous variety of art work, celebrating our love of Mont Royal. If you live near Montreal, I hope you’ll come out to see the show and participate in the public drawing event.

The Exhibition: Weekends, May 2 to 31, 2015

The exhibition Draw Me a Mountain will be on view as part of Mai 2015 – Mois du mont Royal, on Saturdays and Sundays throughout May, at Les amis de la montagne, in Smith House, in Mount Royal Parc. Public admission is free.

The Public Drawing Day: Sunday, May 24, 2015

You are invited to join Urban Sketchers Montréal for a day of drawing and painting on the Mountain on Sunday, May 24 – the anniversary of the creation of Mount Royal Park.

Here’s a preview of the works in the show:

Volunteers needed for “Draw me a Mountain”

April 18, 2015

Volunteers needed! On May 24th we have our “Draw me a Mountain” Exhibition and Art Day on Mount Royal. We are looking for a few volunteers to act as “sketching guides” for the day or half-day. What is required? Stay in one of our pre-determined sketching spots and draw, and at the same time encourage other newcomers who come to draw in that spot to do the same. It’s kind of like being a docent at the museum. No skills required other than to do what you do best on any Sketching Sunday. Let us know if you are available!


Announcing: Painting in Ischia Island: Aragonese Castle, Oct 5/8

April 3, 2015

IV° Naples Urban Sketching Workshop: Thursday 5 – Sunday 8, October 2015
with Simo Capecchi and Caroline Peyron
guest artist: Kelly Medford

Painting in Ischia Island, around Aragonese Castle. In the footsteps of past and contemporary masters. In the fourth edition of our neapolitan workshop we move into the Gulf of Naples to reach Ischia island and one of its most fascinating places, the Aragonese Castle, a real retreat for painters that want to be inspired to observe and to create. This ancient fortress is located on a rocky little island, connected to the main island of Ischia through a bridge built in the fifteenth century.

Find out more at USK:Workshops

Announcing: Freedom Revolution Workshop! Lisbon April 25

March 26, 2015


The workshop will take place on April 25th, a very special date for the Portuguese people – the 41st Anniversary of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution.

Drawing people has always interested artists the most and been considered to be the hardest to do. Drawing people in their natural surroundings, moving, interacting, is even more challenging. People change their postures all the time, often leaving in the middle of a sketch.

The workshop will help the participants to overcome the fear of sketching people, and to discover fun and expressive ways of capturing the city’s inhabitants in action, caught up in their daily routines. We will try to show in our sketches the city through its main heroes – people!

Find out more at USK Workshops

St-Patrick’s Day Parade 2015 in Montreal

March 23, 2015

Parade St-Patrick 2015

On an extremely cold day in Montreal I sketched this looking west on Ste-Catherine Street just in front of Christ Church Cathedral. Morning temperature was minus 15 degrees Celcius, so I decided to leave my watercolors home and draw with felt pen and Prismacolor pencils. My strategy was to draw the location of the scene leaving enough space to fill in the Parade marchers and a float. Since security was at its height due to a threat to disrupt the parade by a group of protesters I chose to include a police car in the foreground. The car wasn’t going anywhere so I felt it would serve as a good measuring stick. I then added the two security policemen since they seemed too cold to move, making for an easy draw. Once the skeleton of the buildings and some people was inked in with a .03 permanent felt pen in the Moleskine  8 x 10 in book I proceeded to add some shading. At this point,I retreated inside since my fingers were numb. At a table at the food court I added some color before returning outside. This time I added a second pair of mittens (the kind that splits in two to let the fingers protrude) over my rubber covered texting gloves. I find these are ideal for pencil drawing in cold weather since the rubber texture adheres to a pencil, pen or brush. (I found these gloves at a Hart store) By the time the Parade started to flow by I had pretty well drawn the set-up. I quickly drew the St-Patrick figure float in outline and a goup holding a banner. Alternating 10 or so minutes inside and out (using the metro exits as warm refuge) I completed three quarters of the drawing. Later, in a cafe, with a hot cup in hand I finalized it by intensifiying the color and shading.


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