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Prochaine sortie. 26 mars Musée Redpath /Next Urban outing Mar 26

March 21, 2017

Un dimanche avec Urban Sketchers : le 26 mars

Veuillez noter que la direction du musée permet aux dessinateurs d’utiliser la couleur.  N’hésitez pas à apporter vos boîtiers d’aquarelle.  De plus, vous aurez la possibilité de vous asseoir sur les bancs et tabourets mis à la disposition des visiteurs.

Si la température est clémente en après-midi, nous vous invitons à dessiner en plein air à l’extérieur du musée.

  • Arrivée:  11h00 (un peu plus tard qu’à l’habitude, le musée n’ouvre ses portes qu’à 11h00 )
  • Point de rencontre:   à l’entrée du musée, au rez-de-chaussée.
  • Tarification:  contribution volontaire ( montant suggéré 10$)
  • Dîner:  12h30.  Il y a un resto Première Moisson à la bibliothèque Redpath, dans l’immeuble attenant au musée Redpath.  Il y a aussi quelques restaurants tout près du campus de l’Univiversité Mcgill.
  • Rencontre finale:  15h30.  Venez partagez vos dessins à l’étage supérieur, dans la section des  dinosaures.

Pour renseignements supplémentaires, n’hésitez pas à contacterJean-Claude Boivin, :


A Sunday with Urban Sketchers: March 26

Please note that the museum management allows designers to use color. Feel free to bring your watercolor boxes. In addition, you have the opportunity to sit on the benches and stools available to visitors.

If the temperature is mild in the afternoon, we invite you to draw outdoor outside the museum.

  • Arrival: 11:00 (a little later than usual, the museum opens its doors at 11:00)
  • Meeting point: at the entrance of the museum, on the ground floor.
  • Admission: voluntary contribution (suggested amount $ 10)
  • Dinner: 12:30 pm. There is a Première Moisson restaurant at the Redpath Library, in the adjoining building at the Redpath Museum. There are also a few restaurants near the campus of the Univiversité Mcgill.
  • Final meeting: 15:30. Come share your drawings on the upper floor, in the dinosaur section.

For additional information, please contact Jean-Claude Boivin:

Un dimanche avec Urban Sketchers le 26 Février 2017, MdBA, Hornstein Pavillion for Peace

January 24, 2017

[Photo,  Marc Cramer ©,  permission accordée par le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal]

  • Lieu: Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Pavillon pour la paix Michal et Renata Hornstein.
  • Arrivée: 10:00h
  • Point de rencontre: pour notre groupe au 2075 Bishop.
  • Tarification: Gratuit pour les 65 ans et plus / 12$ par adulte / 8$ pour les groupes de 20 personnes et plus.
  • Dîner: 12:30h, à la salle à manger réservée aux groupes, située au sous-sol du musée
    Veuillez noter vous devez apporter votre lunch si vous mangez dans cette salle.
    Il y a aussi possibilité de manger à la cafétéria du musée au 2e étage.
  • Rencontre finale: à 15h30, à la salle à manger réservée aux groupes, pour partager les dessins et les techniques.

Pour renseignements supplémentaires, n’hésitez pas à contacter

  • Jean-Claude Boivin, 514-385-9388, boivin442(at)
  • Marc Lépine, 450.583.2063, lepine.marc(at)


  • Location: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavillon for Peace.
    • Please note, we should limit ourselves to ‘safe’ materials – only sketching with pens and pencils in the exhibition spaces. If you wish to use paints and water, in the past I have moved to the eating areas or the lobby to finish my sketch.
  • Arrival: 10:00 am
  • Meeting point: our group at 2075 Bishop.
  • Pricing: Free for children or 65+ / $ 12 per adult / $ 8 for groups of 20 or more.
  • Lunch: 12:30 am, in the dining room reserved for groups, located in the basement of the museum
    • Please note there is no food or drink for purchase on this lunch room, it is just tables and space for free. If required you can eat at the museum cafeteria at the 2nd floor
  • Final meeting: 3:30 pm, meet to share designs and techniques in the same dining room in the basement.

For additional information, please contact

  • Jean-Claude Boivin, 514-385-9388 , boivin442(at)
  • Marc Lépine, 450.583.2063 , lepine.marc(at)

Sunday Sketching : Jan 22 Pointe-à-Callière Museum: From the Lands of Asia

January 8, 2017


In honor of the Chinese New Year celebration, launching the Year of the Rooster at the end of the month, let’s go sketch From the Lands of Asia!

  • 11AM START: Meet at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum in the main lobby. I have guest passes for the first 12 people. We ask that if you have a musuem membership, or don’t mind paying admission or splitting with someone, let’s do that. But – also they are running a Sub Zero Discount in Jan/Feb – regular admission is 1% off for every degree below zero C! Isn’t that funny? Also you can bring your Access Montreal card for a guaranteed 20% off in any weather.
  • Please note: No liquid or paint in the exhibition – only drawing tools please.  The museum also asks us to silence cell phones.
  • Policy on handbags: “Visitors are free to stroll through the Museum and the exhibition rooms with a medium-sized handbag. All backpacks, umbrellas, and other cumbersome objects must be left in the coatroom”. (Free hangers/ $1 Mini Lockers). There are a small number of stools available inside the exhibit. (I think only 2 per floor).
  • 3PM END: Let’s meet in the Saputo Lunch Room to show what we have drawn.  Please note, there is not food or drink for purchase on site, it is just tables and space for free. You will find the lunch room in the Ancienne-Douane Buiilding – accessible from the lower level tunnel, or by crossing the street to the new building. There are some big tables where we can meet, and maybe do some final touches to our drawings. You are welcome to meet at 3pm even if you do not have an admission to the museum. The lunch room, the gift shop, and the tower observation deck and restaurant are all open to the public without paying admission.

We’ve already been to the show and can say there are many great things to sketch from China, Japan and other parts of Asia.




USK MTL in La Presse!

November 12, 2016


If you download today’s issue of La Presse (Sat Nov. 12) available for free on the Apple App Store, you’ll find a terrific feature in the Voyage section all about Urban Sketchers Montreal.

I believe issues of the paper stay in the app for a week, so you’ll have to check it out soon to read the article. (French language).



The app allows for some neat interactivity, including a pop-up drawing showing before and after versions of one of my sketches and the ‘real world’  – as well as a fun section on supplies, where you can click on various tools and see explanations.



The article expands on the world-wide urban sketching phenomena, featuring a gallery of some of the top sketching cities in the world. (Seattle, Singapore, New York, Berlin, Hong Kong and Paris). Have a look if you know anyone in those towns – they might have a sketch in our paper!


Sunday Sketching: Nov 27 Square Phillips

November 11, 2016


Online Map / Printable Map

  • 10 AM START: Meet in Phillips Square, Below this monument. Rue Saint-Catherine O, between Ave Union and Rue Place Phillips.
  • Spread out and go sketching!
  • If it ends up being a cold day, we will have to be clever – I sketched on a cold February day from the windows of La Baye across the street.
  • We could break into small groups to sketch portraits in a cafe, even ride the metro! Also there are church interiors nearby, or many viewpoints from shop windows.
  • 3 PM END: MEET AT the 4th floor cafe in the Hudson’s Bay, right across the street.
  • Please note the map above listing locations of historical interest.
  • Next summer we will open the call-for-entry to the Montreal Monument Exhibition in honor of the 375 Anniversary. You might want to get something ready to submit! ~m


Sunday Sketching: Change of venue for October 23!

October 21, 2016

Due to a dismal forecast of rain, wind and cold weather we will move to an indoor location: La Grande Bibliothèque. There are plenty of places to draw, an onsite café, and if the weather gets better we can move outside.

On October 23 we will meet at the main entrance of La Grande Bibliothèque when the library opens at 10 am (475, boulevard De Maisonneuve Est). This a grand place for drawing spaces, people, views from the windows, etc. Drawing is permitted inside the library. At noon we can go to the café for lunch and then sketch some more in the library. At 3 pm we’ll meet back at the main entrance, find a coffee shop and have a review of sketches.


Sunday Sketching: Oct 23: Square St. Louis

October 2, 2016


Online Map / Printable Map

  • 10 AM START: Meet in Square St. Louis by the fountain.
  • Go sketching!
  • In the event of rain, there are many nearby shops and cafes – we could break into small groups to find spots to sketch portraits, interiors, or views out the window.
  • 3PM END: Return to the Square St. Louis fountain to see what everyone has drawn.
  • If anyone wants to stay later, perhaps we can wind up at one of the nearby cafes for an after-party.
  • Please note the map below listing locations of historical interest! Next summer we will open the call-for-entry to the Montreal Monument Exhibition in honor of the 375 Anniversary. You might want to get something ready to submit! ~m