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4th Sunday Sketching : Nov 22 : Redpath Museum

October 28, 2015


Sunday Sketching Oct 25 : Aztecs People of the Sun : Pointe / Old Port

October 12, 2015


Let’s meet up at the Pointe à Callière and sketch the Aztec exhibition!

This should be a great subject for drawing. They also have the permanent exhibits, such as the pirate ship, and there’s a great view from the exterior observation deck at the top of the tower. (Limited space for sketchers, but worth a look).


  • 11 AM starting time: (Opening time for the Museum) – gather in the main lobby.
  • Lunch: Self-organize into small groups: Frankly, our group is getting too large to meet together in one cafe. I would suggest we organize lunch in small groups. Just ask someone if they want to got to lunch with you! :) There are many cafe’s near by.
  • 3:30 PM Show-and-Tell: Lets meet at 3:30 PM to show what we have drawn and maybe to work on finishing our sketches. (No painting in the exhibition – only drawing tools please). There is a seating area for families in the lower level called the Saputo Lunch Room. It is the new area in the Ancienne-Douane Buiilding – accessible from the lower level, or by crossing the street to the new building. Lets meet there – there are some big tables – that should work out for anyone who wants to sit and do some final touches to our drawings.


PLEASE NOTE:  Don’t bring too much stuff if you want sketch inside the exhibit. Here are their rules:

“Visitors are free to stroll through the Museum and the exhibition rooms with a medium-sized handbag. All backpacks, umbrellas, and other cumbersome objects must be left in the coatroom”. (Free hangars/ $1 Mini Lockers).

ALSO NOTE: Phones set on vibrate at their request, and no photos in the Aztec exhibit. (Everywhere else is fine).

AND: if we get 15 people or more arriving together at 11 am we can get a discounted rate ($16.50 for general admission, various discounts for others). Otherwise here’s the tariff:


USK:MTL : Sketching Atwater Market

September 27, 2015

We had perfect lazy Sunday weather for today’s USK:MTL monthly sketching meetup. I was doing more talking than drawing today so we have a little bit of everything going on in the sketchbook. Thanks to everyone who showed up. It was fun meeting a lot of new people today.


A view of the canal – in an unusual (for me) vertical composition, thank’s to a suggestion from my friend Shari. We were sitting side by side. She sketched the view 90 degrees to mine.

Here’s what we were really looking at. I was kind of happy with my redesign of what was there. Less is almost always more in a quick sketch.


15Sept27_Sketcher Portrait_Unknown

A quick sketcher portrait. I don’t know this person, so if you’re the lady in the red coat who left early, this is you concentrating on your sketch :)


And, after lunch the Phil So Good quartet set up (only three of them for whatever reason?) and we all hung out and sketched them while they played for us.

(By the way, if anyone else who drew the musicians wants to get in touch with Phil Bélanger to send them a sketch – they have a contact link on their page here).

Sunday Sketching September 27: Atwater Market and the Canal

September 8, 2015

The markets are very colourful at this time of year. Let’s meet at the Atwater Market on Sunday, September 27 and sketch the area around the canal and the market. There’s so much to sketch there — a great view of the mountain, the buildings along the canal, the activity at the market and the constant flow of people going by. We’ll meet at 10 am at the south side of the market near the bridge, have lunch at one of the market restaurants and meet again around 3:30 near the bridge. In case of rain we can always sketch inside the market itself. Hope to see you there!


Here’s my sketches from the last outing!

September 7, 2015

New_France_Market_2015 (2)

New_France_Market_2015 (3)

New_France_Market_2015 (4)

For the artists out there, these are sketched in pencil while walking around following my subjects, and tinted with watercolor during lunch and teatime. I skipped drawing in pen and ink over the pencil as I sometimes do. These days I’m tending to do either pencil + color or straight-to-ink + color – but rarely all three, pencil and ink and color.

Even though I do recommend all three when teaching beginners, after a few years of thinking about this, I feel it drains some ‘freshness’ (and slows you down) if you do too much drawing before the paint.

So – as you get more comfortable, you can skip one step – and just get more drawings done in the session :)

New_France_Market_2015 (1)


Sunday Sketching Aug 23: Pointe-â-Callière 18th Century New France Market

August 11, 2015

It’s time again for the Pointe-â-Callière 18th Century New France Market.

The event runs from 10am to 6pm and is easily found right in front of the Pointe-â-Callière Museum in the Old Port. This will be the third year we’ve gone – there’s always lots of costumed characters and historic recreation to see and draw.

I’ll be down out front of the Pointe at 10am when the event opens, will break for lunch at 12, and we can all meet up in front of the museum at 4pm for a show and tell. Last year they had some seating and tables set up out front of the Pointe where we could gather.

I missed it personally last year – so I’m looking forward to sketching pirates and colonials again. See you there!



A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Montreal

July 6, 2015

It was almost exactly like Georges Seurat painted it in “La Grande Jatte” — people gathered on the banks of a river on a glorious Sunday afternoon, sailboats in the distance, cool breezes coming off the water — except the island was Montreal, the river was the St. Laurent and the people were sketchers. The event “Picnic Vernissage” was organized by the Stewart Hall Cultural Centre and Art Gallery in Pointe Claire, in conjunction with Urban Sketchers Montreal. It was a day of drawing and picnics on the grass, followed by a vernissage of sketches in the gallery.


When you plan these types of events, you’re never sure how many people will show up. Our typical Sunday sketching outing in Montreal has about 25-30 people on a good day, but I guess the spectacular setting and the perfect weather was a real draw, because we counted over 80 sketchers including some from Toronto, Vermont and Quebec City!


Many of the sketchers chose to draw and paint the mansion overlooking the lake that houses the gallery and Cultural Centre. I was hoping to get more drawing done at the event itself, but all I really had time for was a sketch of one of the giant poplars on the lawn. Our hosts spoiled us with food and drink, and there were so many people to talk to.


At the end of the day, gallery volunteers hung all the work, where it will remain all summer long. The quantity and variety of work completed by the sketchers during the event was astounding! If you missed the event, please stop by and have a look. And thanks to everyone at Stewart Hall for the great day!



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