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Sunday Sketching Oct 25 : Aztecs People of the Sun : Pointe / Old Port

October 12, 2015


Let’s meet up at the Pointe à Callière and sketch the Aztec exhibition!

This should be a great subject for drawing. They also have the permanent exhibits, such as the pirate ship, and there’s a great view from the exterior observation deck at the top of the tower. (Limited space for sketchers, but worth a look).


  • 11 AM starting time: (Opening time for the Museum) – gather in the main lobby.
  • Lunch: Self-organize into small groups: Frankly, our group is getting too large to meet together in one cafe. I would suggest we organize lunch in small groups. Just ask someone if they want to got to lunch with you! 🙂 There are many cafe’s near by.
  • 3:30 PM Show-and-Tell: Lets meet at 3:30 PM to show what we have drawn and maybe to work on finishing our sketches. (No painting in the exhibition – only drawing tools please). There is a seating area for families in the lower level called the Saputo Lunch Room. It is the new area in the Ancienne-Douane Buiilding – accessible from the lower level, or by crossing the street to the new building. Lets meet there – there are some big tables – that should work out for anyone who wants to sit and do some final touches to our drawings.


PLEASE NOTE:  Don’t bring too much stuff if you want sketch inside the exhibit. Here are their rules:

“Visitors are free to stroll through the Museum and the exhibition rooms with a medium-sized handbag. All backpacks, umbrellas, and other cumbersome objects must be left in the coatroom”. (Free hangars/ $1 Mini Lockers).

ALSO NOTE: Phones set on vibrate at their request, and no photos in the Aztec exhibit. (Everywhere else is fine).

AND: if we get 15 people or more arriving together at 11 am we can get a discounted rate ($16.50 for general admission, various discounts for others). Otherwise here’s the tariff:


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