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USK:MTL : Sketching Atwater Market

septembre 27, 2015

We had perfect lazy Sunday weather for today’s USK:MTL monthly sketching meetup. I was doing more talking than drawing today so we have a little bit of everything going on in the sketchbook. Thanks to everyone who showed up. It was fun meeting a lot of new people today.


A view of the canal – in an unusual (for me) vertical composition, thank’s to a suggestion from my friend Shari. We were sitting side by side. She sketched the view 90 degrees to mine.

Here’s what we were really looking at. I was kind of happy with my redesign of what was there. Less is almost always more in a quick sketch.


15Sept27_Sketcher Portrait_Unknown

A quick sketcher portrait. I don’t know this person, so if you’re the lady in the red coat who left early, this is you concentrating on your sketch 🙂


And, after lunch the Phil So Good quartet set up (only three of them for whatever reason?) and we all hung out and sketched them while they played for us.

(By the way, if anyone else who drew the musicians wants to get in touch with Phil Bélanger to send them a sketch – they have a contact link on their page here).

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  1. septembre 27, 2015 8:20  

    Wonderful sketches!

  2. septembre 27, 2015 8:33  

    What a great first experience with your group ! You will certainly see me again. I found it quite motivating and stimulating to be surrounded by such great talents. Thank you ! Diane

  3. Karine permalink
    septembre 28, 2015 9:15  

    Thank you very much. It was my first time as well (I am the lady in the red coat so thanks by the way for the sketch!). Although I had to leave early I found this first experience in this group very inspiring and I’ll certainly come back to another outing.

    • septembre 28, 2015 10:08  

      Hey! Great to meet you Karine – sorry I didn’t say hi – when I looked again, you were gone 🙂

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