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Outings for June and July: Petite Italie and Stewart Hall

juin 7, 2015

Sunday June 28: Petite Italie and Marché Jean Talon

It’ll be strawberry time at the market and the produce will just be starting to come out. Let’s meet at Jean Talon Market at 10 am at the picnic tables near the eastern Market entrance. If you are standing in the right spot you’ll be able to see this view from where you are. Well, maybe not the pumpkins but the rest will be the same. We can draw in the market for the morning and eat lunch there too.

MarcheJTIn the afternoon when the market gets busy we can move to the cool shade of Parc Petite Italie on St. Laurent and St. Zotique. There’s lots to draw around the park including the church across the street (which is now condos) and the buildings that edge the park. We’ll finish the day at the iconic Café Italia on (6840 Boul St-Laurent) to share the day’s drawings.


Sunday July 5: Stewart Hall

Our July outing will be a bit early which is a good thing since Marc and I are both away at the end of the month. July 5 is Urban Sketchers Day at Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire. Yes, it’s a bit further than we usually venture, but I promise you it will be worth it. Stewart Hall is situated on the shore of Lac St. Louis. The building itself is a stunning old mansion and the trees on the grounds of the park are worth a sketch on their own. The public will be invited to sketch with us and the Stewart Hall Gallery will be providing paper for sketchers as well as refreshments as of 10:00 am. Bring a picnic lunch since there are no restaurants on the grounds. At 2 pm there will be a vernissage of our sketches from the day exhibited in the Gallery, much like we did at Mount Royal in May. I hope to see you there! Directions below. At the same time there will be a vernissage of « A Sketch in Time » which includes sketches and sketchbooks from Jane Hannah, Marc Taro Holmes and myself.

StewartHallSpringIf you are arriving by car, there is parking on site. If you are coming by public transit, here is the map. Bus routes 201, 202, 211, 405 and 411 all reach Stewart Hall.


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  1. Susan permalink
    juin 7, 2015 8:53  

    Hi Shari,
    June 25 is a Thursday.

  2. juin 7, 2015 9:16  

    Oh boy!!! I’m going to see if I can muster a small group of folks who will drive with me to Stewart Hall from Quebec City. — Larry

    • juin 7, 2015 9:41  

      That would be great Larry. We’ve been talking for so long about getting our two groups together. I would love to meet you.

      • juin 8, 2015 9:06  

        It should be fun. So far I’ve got the car scheduled, and one person committed to come with me. Can’t wait to finally meet you guys.

        Cheers — Larry

      • juin 8, 2015 9:13  

        That’s great Larry. I am not sure if Marc will be there. Just wanted you to know. I don’t want you to be disappointed but he may be working on another project out of town on that weekend. Of course I will be there as well as lots of others in our group.

      • juin 8, 2015 11:06  

        Ok, thanks for the heads up. I’m slated to see Marc and Rachel later this summer. I’m hoping to meet you, Jane, and the rest of the urban sketchers group. Might even get a chance to do some sketching (grin). — Larry

      • juin 8, 2015 11:08  

        Uhm…I meant « Laurel. » Not sure why I wrote Rachel, whoever she is (grin).

  3. juin 7, 2015 10:29  

    Ce sera le 21 ou le 28 juin ?

  4. Louise Fleury permalink
    juin 7, 2015 11:56  

    Do you mean Sunday the 28th? tks Louise >

  5. Tania Lebedeff permalink
    juin 7, 2015 9:36  

    Enjoy yourselves…..I’m sure you will. I’ll be away on vacation…..see you next times! Tania Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2015 12:44:12 +0000 To:

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