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One more weekend on the Mountain, and thanks to everyone!

May 27, 2015

15May26_Mountain_Event (2)

Last weekend was the USK sketchcrawl on Mount Royal, as well as the Vernissage for the exhibition. Seeing everyone’s work in person reminded me how much we miss looking at art online. Much of the work in the show is in large formats or with texture and fine detail that is lost in web-sized photographs. It’s great to be able to see it all up close.

The show is up for one more weekend. You can still enjoy a day of art on the mountain May 30/31.

15May26_Mountain_Event (1)

We had a great turnout – I’m going to guess 40 people came for sketching, including some folks from Ottawa and from Vermont, and our own far flung areas – Hudson, Laval, etc.

This is the thing I love best about the urban sketching movement. How it brings people together from all over, to enjoy a day of drawing.

Thanks to everyone who came out to volunteer!

I’m sure the visiting sketchers had a great experience, having all our local USK’ers on hand to show their work-in-progress and share their sketchbooks. For a while there, the vernissage had a ‘kitchen party’ feeling, with everyone crowded in the side room around a big table of the days sketches.

There is talk of doing this show again for next  year – so maybe you’ll make a sketch in the park this summer!


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