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Line to Color Workshop: Orange County, California May 1st – 3rd, 2015

March 16, 2015

Join Frank Ching and Gail Wong for a weekend workshop in Southern California to sketch Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Beach towns along the Pacific Coast Highway of California.

In this intensive workshop, we will walk you through clear steps covering the complete process of making a sketch on location, from the time you draw the first line until you apply the last touch of color. Meeting at various locations in Orange County, California the workshop will consist of a 2- hour keynote pizza dinner, three 3.5-hour work sessions, and a 2- hour sketch crawl conducted over a 3-day period starting Friday evening and ending Sunday afternoon.

Learning Goals:

The Line:
1. Selecting a point of view: Detail, Fragment, Building, Setting
2. Composing the page: Where to start, how to proceed
3. Establishing spatial depth: Near and far

Moving to Color:
4. Watercolor and brush techniques
5. Values: Seeing and using tonal values to create depth and capture the quality of light
6. Strategies for applying color and limiting your palette

Find out more at the USK: Workshops Page

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