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Sunday Sketching Oct 26 : Plateau / Mount Royal Street

octobre 12, 2014


SUNDAY SKETCHING: Plateau / Mount Royal Street

We’ll meet at the Mount Royal Metro station at 10am, and spread out to wander the neighborhood and sketch.

There are interesting buildings up and down Mount Royal and St. Denis – very typical of Montreal’s unique style. It’s a short walk to Blvd. St. Joseph or St. Laurent (plenty of subjects on these streets). You might consider taking the diagonal up Gilford Street for some interesting views. And only a short hike to the Park on Parc.

If the weather is poor, there are lots of small shops to pop in and out of to warm up, or maybe get a small interior sketch.

  • Starting Point: 10 am Mount Royal Metro
  • Show and Tell Breaks: I’m going to suggest Fameaux (4500 Rue Saint-Denis) because it’s cheap, and always has space for us. I know it’s not fancy or cultural, but hey, it’s just about us and the drawings.
        • Lunch: 12:30 pm
        • Ending Meetup: 3:30 pm
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  1. octobre 12, 2014 5:09  

    Very poetical drawing. Spontaneous, alive. It shows that you enjoy drawing.

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