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Saturday in the park

June 7, 2014

We are so fortunate in Montreal to have a mountain (some say it’s a hill, but to me it’s a mountain) in the center of our city. Especially fortunate to have a park on the mountain that was landscaped by Frederick Law Olmstead. Maybe it’s because we wait so long for these perfect days, but we Montrealers REALLY use our park. On weekends you’ll see multi-generational families laying out huge spreads on picnic tables, people walking and people jogging, crowding the wide paths that eventually lead to the lookout at the top, teenagers in short shorts taking in the sun and even the occasional man selling ice cream. The park is used in all seasons, really, but it is only in the summer that you get the sense that it is a real celebration.

Marc Taro Holmes and I have been painting in the park quite a bit these days because we’re organizing a joint event next year with USk Montreal and Les Amis de la Montagne. In preparation for that we’ll be sketching the park in all seasons, starting with the spring. More info will be coming about that as we finalize the event details.



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