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Drawing Birds from Life at « 24 Hrs of Science »

mai 11, 2014

14May11_24Hrs_of_Science_Espace_La_Fontaine_Sketch (2)

[Tyto alba – Common Barn Owl : washable ink and watercolor, 10×14"]

Yesterday many Montreal Urban Sketchers were out at Parc La Fontaine for their annual « 24 Hours of Science » event, organized in partnership with  « Science pour Tous!« . There were numerous interactive demonstrations spread around the park, mostly geared for kids.

14May11_24Hrs_of_Science_Espace_La_Fontaine (1)

In our area,  we were doing drawings of live birds brought down by the Granby Zoo. They had a fellow giving an extended talk about his birds and the other material he had on hand (taxidermy, some anatomical mounts of wings, raptor claws, skulls, etc).  Kids of course were fascinated by the idea of him holding the birds on the gloved hand, and the chance to poke the stuffed ones, getting up close to their claws and glaring yellow eyes.

14May11_24Hrs_of_Science_Espace_La_Fontaine_Sketch (1)

[Bubo virginianus – Great Horned Owl : washable ink and watercolor, 10×14"]

14May11_24Hrs_of_Science_Espace_La_Fontaine (12)

14May11_24Hrs_of_Science_Espace_La_Fontaine (9)

14May11_24Hrs_of_Science_Espace_La_Fontaine_Sketch (3)

[Falco sparverius – American Kestrel: washable ink and watercolor, 10×14"]


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