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Sunday Sketching: Griffintown Sketchcrawl April 27, 10am to 4pm

avril 8, 2014


The next Sunday Sketching outing will be a walking tour of Griffintown. I’ve made an interactive google map with a few likely drawing spots, but of course, we’ll all find our own subjects along the way. It’s not necessary to keep up with the group – just wander as you will and we can find each other at the map markers.


Starting Meetup: 9:30-10Am Metro Lionel-Groulx. Meet at the front entrance, say hello, then head out sketching. We can look for the spots on the map – or strike out on your own and find something cool to show us.

Lunch: 1pm, Le Boucan.1886 Notre-Dame St W. No reservations, we’ll take our chances. This is just a suggestion. If they’re full I’m sure there’s lots of options nearby.

Ending Meetup: 4pm Metro Lucien L’Allier. Meet at the front entrance, and we’ll hang our a bit, show and tell what we got for sketches today.


Check out the list of future Sunday Sketching events [here].

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  1. avril 11, 2014 10:45  

    Hi Marc

    Thanks for the map! Do you think it would be possible to take a group picture at lunch time and have it posted on the blog? Most USK chapters seem to be doing that.

    I am just bringing it up – it’s a question that circulated among people and I happened to remember now. Thanks!


  1. The Classic Street Sketch and Other Philosophy | Citizen Sketcher

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