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Here’s my Dimsum Sketches!

mars 23, 2014

Just back from our monthly USK:MTL sketching outing – our annual Dimsum lunch.

Always fun chatting with sketchers and snacking on Chinese delicacies. Among the people at our table were a med student (pathology), a person trained in biology and museum science and someone who’d recently retired from the CBC (our national broadcaster). Seems like every time we go out you meet a new interesting person. The pastime of sketching seems to attract fascinating people 🙂



Pics or it didn’t happen:



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  1. mars 23, 2014 5:34  

    You had a better view of the fish dish! Not fair! 😉 My sketch didn’t turn out as good as yours but it was great dim sun and dim fun sketching! Allah prochaine!

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