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Édifice FTQ Building

janvier 28, 2014

Édifice FTQ Building

This is the building that houses the FTQ which is in the news these days for not all the good reasons. I was unable to find out who is the author of the sculpture in front since parking was prohibited. The sculpture’s metallic shine on a cold day is what arrested me today to paint it. However, after circulating around the block a couple of times in order to find a legal parking spot I took a risk and parked anyway keeping an eye in my rear view mirror in case a constable approached to hand me a no parking ticket. I had time to draw the scene in pen but I knew that I would not be able to concentrate on both the painting and the soon to arrive constable.  So I chickened out and came home to my studio to add color using memory and a photo from my I-phone. It’s not quite a true on site painting. Is that cheating? Possibly not as much as what has gone on inside the building in the past…Or present?

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