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Metro Place des Arts

janvier 24, 2014

Metro Place des Arts

Too cold to paint outdoors or even from the car today. I retreated to the warmth of the Metro underground and sketched this from above at Place des Arts Metro station. It is when one sketches such a scene that one realizes how quickly trains move into and out of the station. Also, people don’t just stand and pose. It is a question of memorizing the general shape before the candidate moves, adding a second one and so on. With years of practice one can sort of figure out relative proportions of body parts, movement etc. There is no secret, just draw, draw and draw some more. Some day I’ll get better I hope.

Trop froid pour peindre dehors ou même de l’auto. Donc, je me retorouve au chaud dans le sous- terre de Montréal, précisément à la station Métro Place des Arts. Je réalise peu après le début du dessin que les trains arrivent et quittent la platforme très rapidement. Il me faut plusieurs tentatives pour bien arriver à la perspective et les détails. Tant qu’au personnages, on s’apperçoit qu’ils ne posent pas longtemps. Donc, je saisis à la mémoire la forme générale du modèle avant qu’il quitte et je croque le contour. Les détails seront ajouter plus tard. Avec de la pratique on arrive à sentir le movement correcte, les proportions relatives des parties du corps, etc. Il n’y a pas de racourci. On doit dessiner, dessiner et dessiner encore. un jour j’arriverai à m’améliorer.

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  1. Micheline Santucci permalink
    juillet 11, 2014 4:44

    I am a new fan . I just wish one day I can be as good as you. What is the best advice you can give to a new student. Right now I just want to sketch everything I see. Thank so much for sharing all your beautiful work.


    • juillet 12, 2014 7:10

      Hey Micheline – well, that’s the basics 🙂 Draw everything you see 🙂 It’s just a matter of drawing every day, even just a simple 5 minute sketch.

      For beginners I like to say – if you can draw for 6 months and really try not to judge your work. Don’t even look at it really. Just watch the stack of paper grow higher. Judge yourself only by *quantity*. Cheer if you do more drawings this week than last week. Then after 6 months, you’ll be able to look back and see improvement. (This probably works in even 2 months). The main thing is you really can’t judge one drawing to the next. It’s like watching weight loss or exercising – you can’t see progress until you give it enough time 🙂

      • juillet 12, 2014 7:18

        Oh hey – I just realized you were asking Ray! hahaha – me and my big mouth 🙂 We’ll hope that’s ok anyway 🙂

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