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Octopussy & FATS Billiard Pub – Ste Catherine et Pierce

janvier 3, 2014

Octopussy and Fats Billiard rue Ste-Catherine

This sketch cost me $4,42. It’s what I paid for an orange juice at the Starbucks across the street. It’s not that I’m complaining about the cost, but Starbucks was not my first choice from where to paint today. I walked from McGill west towards Guy along Ste-Catherine looking for a spot from which to paint. It was -25 degrees celcius today, that’s cold! I stopped at Chapters. No seat was available facing out at the coffee shop. So I walked back out in the icy street. I trekked to Concordia’s Arts building at the corner of Guy, a favorite indoor drawing spot of mine. A security guard was not permitting any through traffic to the Metro. Then I thought, “How about the Faubourg across the street?” Well, I should have know that the building is now owned by Concordia. It was closed today. There were no seats either facing the street at the Second Cup at the Faubourg. Finally, I found one at Starbucks further west. So much for my hope of sitting in an academic venue to paint, either a book store or a University. I was now sitting in front of a strip club! Luckily, I was starting to warm up. OK, painting the Octopussy strip club was not my first choice but the red hot sexy face on the sign lured me to start the drawing there. Next I made my way over to the pub next door – the FATS billiard pub. The rest of the sketch just grew from there. I had warmed quite a bit by then! I added more snow onto the cars and overhangs than there actually was, to cool off probably, but really to create more contrast against the black facades of the buildings. As I painted this issue bothered me: How come the Office de la langue française had not yet ordered the two English signs mentioned, Octopussy and Fats, to be removed or changed from English to French? I’m pretty sure both octopussy and fats are English words not French! Who knows, maybe the inspector from “l’Office” is a regular there!

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  1. Dominique Gaillard permalink
    janvier 4, 2014 4:25  

    Great lively sketch, I get warmed up just looking at it !
    Happy new year

    Dominique Gaillard

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