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Sunday Sketching: Jan 26 : Redpath Museum

décembre 2, 2013


The Redpath Museum on the McGill campus is a great spot for sketchers. It’s packed with different subjects, something for every taste. I think this is an excellent location for our January meetup. Nice and cozy indoors, and there’s a cafeteria next door in the Library building.  Doors open at 11am. I’ll see you there for Sunday Sketching!


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  1. décembre 9, 2013 7:30  

    Finally my husband has the day off on this date, so I will be able to take part in the whole day shebang — yeah!!!

  2. Karine Francoeur permalink
    décembre 10, 2013 4:22  

    Hello USK: MTL,

    I found out (about urban sketching) a wear ago…and I would like to join the group for some sketching. I would like to take some lessons on how to sketch and how to use watercolor.

    I can draw in perspective views but I need to have some kind of grid, and I use chartpack crayons.

    The results that I see in your sketchings are really amazing and I want to focus on achieve that kind of quality sketches in my future.

    Please let me know if you are giving some classes for beginners in urban sketching!


    Karine Francoeur,

    designer dintrieur certifi APDIQ, IDC

    [image: Description : cid:image001.png@01CDFDFD.3DBECC80]

    *Tl :: 514.295.2104*

    * *

    * *

    m strm grm design vous remercie de penser aux arbres avant d’imprimer ce message.

    • décembre 10, 2013 4:36  

      Hi Karine – so, we are not offering instruction at our free Sunday Sketching meetings, but please feel welcome to come out and learn-by-doing with us! We have sketchers at all levels, everyone shares what they are working on, so you can learn a lot just being around. Otherwise, some of us do teach weekend workshops, but there are no specific plans right now. If you subscribe to email updates, (button on the upper right of the page) you’ll get the notifications if there’s an announcement.

      • janvier 25, 2014 3:41  

        How are you? I urban sketch and am a member of the us Facebook group too. I am from the United Kingdom but I am spending one or two months in Montreal.
        Although it is really cold where you are I also hope to draw outside is the expo park. I would also like to do the february meet up.
        Also, if you know of any figure drawing sessions please let me know.
        Best regards,

      • janvier 25, 2014 10:27  

        Hey James – I hope you can make it out at the Redpath tomorrow. As far as life drawing, I know there are « drop in » sessions at the school I’m doing my night classes :

      • janvier 25, 2014 12:26  

        Hi Marc,
        I am in Montreal from the 06 or 7th of February, still in UK! So I really look forward to a February meetup and also thanks for the info about figure drawing, I might do drop in there too when I am there! Looks like interesting courses at that school.
        Best regards,


  1. Quick Dash to the Redpath | Citizen Sketcher

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