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Drawing really makes you look at things…

juillet 31, 2013


Sometimes you can look right at something and not really see it. Until you sit down to draw it that is.

I’ve sketched in this square about five times now – and just the other day I finally *really* looked at the statue of Jeanne Mance (Female figure on the lower right).

I was shocked to see how the sculptor chose to pose her figure. She’s got a young (naked) native boy in a motherly headlock. Holding him back as he strains to grab something just out of reach. Amazing. It doesn’t get any more real than that hey? That’s really how they thought about things back then? A little heart warming fable about Jeanne giving that tough love to the natives. I know we’re colonizers – but still – this is how she goes down in history? Nice.

Putting that aside – it’s still a very engaging fountain to draw. There’s a lot more interest here than the classical-nudie-bedecked fountains I was just sketching in Barcelona. The rest of the figures tell a heroic tale of the founding of our city. Possibly we’ll do some more studies here at the weekend workshop!

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  1. juillet 31, 2013 8:53  

    It is true, there is a lot of commentary packed into this one statue.

  2. Mike Casey permalink
    août 1, 2013 12:38  

    Here’a link to the official interpretation of the sculpture:
    Not quite the same as yuors, I’ll have to go stare at the statue a bit.

  3. marctaro permalink*
    août 1, 2013 1:38  

    Heh – yes it’s all in how you look at it 🙂 I’m sure the pose could be seen as motherly – in the Tiger Mom kind of way.

  4. croquedessin permalink
    septembre 20, 2013 10:17  

    A very interesting drawing, 🙂

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