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I don’t know how she does it

mars 24, 2013

I am in awe of my Australian friend and fellow Urban Sketcher Liz Steel. She can sketch and eat at the same time. I’ve seen her do it and more importantly she did it outside, at night, with not much light to paint by, while having a conversation.

This month’s sketch outing for Urban Sketchers Montreal was in Chinatown where 18 of us met for some dim sum and drawing. This “drawing while attempting to eat” is pretty new for me. Yes, I do paint food but usually before I cook it.  On her recent trip to Singapore, Liz Steel  recorded almost every meal she ate — and there were many — with her Singapore sketching hosts. I know from meeting her that she’s a fast sketcher but it’s still a mystery to me how she gets any eating done or at least any eating while the food is still hot.

To add to the discomfort of having my palette on my lap (didn’t want to get paint on the white tablecloth!) I also tried to eat someone else’s food thinking it was one of the communal plates and shortly after I dropped egg tart all over my palette.

Hats off to you Liz. You are the queen.




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  1. mars 24, 2013 5:05  

    To reply to your title :: I don’t know how you can draw so beautifully Shari — gorgeous!

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