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Sunday Sketching

February 18, 2013

This Sunday will be our February Urban Sketchers meet up. This month we thought about doing a sketch crawl along the metro green line. Lots of corridors, and levels, people sketching and, if it is nice outside, you can always sketch the entrances.

Meet at 10 am at station Place des Arts on the ticket level by the PdA passage. It’s easy to spot, just find the wall with the 14 metre stained glass mural.

At noon, we’ll break for lunch. Meet at McGill station at the Promenade Cathédrale food court (near the Bay end).

At 3pm, we can meet back at the glass mural for a last look of our sketches.

Bonus – at 2pm, by the mural at Place des Arts station, there will be a free Haitian dance lesson, part of the MetroArts program by the STM. Great for quick people sketching and you can learn a few dance steps!

A 24-hour unlimited metro card (carte l’Occasionnelle) can be purchased for 9$ at ticket machines of guichets.


(Extra points for anyone who can guess which entrance this is in the image! )

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