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The goose and the osprey

November 27, 2012

It was an Urban Sketchers Montreal afternoon at the Redpath Museum, but it was bird day for me. I started with the big old Canada Goose because I am beginning a project soon that involves drawing lots of geese so I thought I’d get in some practice. The wonderful thing about this museum is that there’s something for everyone to draw. Some people in our group drew the dinosaurs and others did musical instruments. I saw sketches of stuffed leopards and mummies and fossils but my favorites were the ones by Emmanuel who sketched only the eyes of all the creatures. A few of us tried a bit of drawing outside in the morning but after 52 minutes (yes, we timed it!) in the frigid temperatures we congratulated ourselves on our hardiness and headed for coffee before the doors of the museum opened.

The Goose and The Osprey

The Loon and The Owl

The Starling The Sparrow The Crow



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  1. Jocelyne Filion permalink
    November 27, 2012 6:38 pm

    Hi Shari,
    I am happy to read you. I see that you had a Wonderful Happy Bird Day Sunday ! Ha Ha!
    I enjoyed as well my outing inside the Redpath Museum.

    For your info:
    Monday AM, I send a message to the Redpath Museum indicating a lost/found package of art mat. I included the picture of the plastic bag taken at the Mc Gill library.
    If any follow up is required Marc T Holmes was indicated to be the ressource person to contact if needed. A copy/paste message was send to Marc T H so he knows my involvement about it.

    Looking forward to meet again.

    Jocelyne Filion
    450 978-9220 (Laval)

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