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The Invisible Woman :: La femme invisible

September 29, 2012

Les Serres Vaudreuil is a small family business, owned by the St-Denis, that has been in operation since 1982. This small business has four facets… horticulture and landscape gardening in the back with multiple greenhouses and a fruit and vegetable old-style barn. They offer home-cooked meals and the vegetables that are produced on this farm are pesticide free… asparagus, corn on the cob, peas, 18 varieties of squash, pumpkins, tomatoes and cucumbers.

While I was sketching in the car, I left the windows open so that Pyper, my golden retriever, could have some fresh air coming in… well… he made friends with everyone that came into the parking area. There were even some dads and moms that came up to introduce him to their kids… this was kind of nice. And… Jane was totally invisible. People were coming up to the car, talking to Pyper, petting him, and then moving off. Was I invisible? I do think so as every time that I paint in the car, no one sees me…

Pyper a tellement le tour avec les humains c’est incroyable. Aujourd’hui j’avais besoin d’ingrédients pour continuer à faire ma razzia de bouffe pour la fin de semaine et j’ai décidé d’aller aux Serres Vaudreuil. Pendant que je “sketchais” dans l’automobile, Pyper était occupé à se faire beaucoup d’amis… des familles entières arrêtaient pour venir le voir, lui parler, le flatter… sans même être conscient que j’étais aussi dans l’automobile. Ce que je trouve incroyable est qu’il semble qu’à chaque fois que je peins dans l’auto, je deviens invisible… les personnes ne me voient pas du tout, et j’en suis assez heureuse car je suis occupée 😉

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